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15 November 2008 @ 10:12 pm


My Idina experience... it's sectioned so read what you want. Just my little preface... I've spent the last 4 years reading reviews from other people and seeing their videos and pictures of Idina doing things... and it made it so much better knowing there were people out there who took the time to write things up for people who couldn't be there. So this is kind of like my thank you. I never thought I would be the one to be in this position and tell people about the Idina show I got to see. I just feel the responsibility to share it after reading everyone else's reviews over the years.
And I managed to go all yesterday without crying or freaking out and now I am writing this with tears streaming down my face because it has all hit me just at once.

Here it is...

Part One...the afternoon, getting there, an Idina sighting and dinner...Collapse )

Part Two... Before the showCollapse )

Part Three... the showCollapse )

Part Four... the stage doorCollapse )

I have a lot of pictures... here are a few samples. Please.... PLEASE do not take m pictures and make yourself icons or banners or other personal graphics out of them. EDIT: WITHOUT asking or crediting... I'm posting them to share, but these are my memories from the show.. I don't have autpgrpahs and pictures with Idina... these are my moments captured and although I'm happy to show them to people, and you can use them but please ask and credit me for the pictures - a lot of effort went into getting these shots (like hiding my camera in my bra and having extra cameras for backup). So please just ask and credit me. I would appreciate it if everyone would respect my request. (Sorry if that makes me a bitch).

PicturesCollapse )

I am getting videos from a friends camera shortly... all my pictures will be donated to Idina-Here eventually.
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03 September 2008 @ 02:16 pm
Idina in Toronto in November! FINALLY! 
(I've only been waiting 4 years)

I am so excited. I may have just done a happy dance around the house.
But I won't be happy until I have tickets charges on my credit card for this! Hurry up WB and release tickets.

Suppy teaching tomorrow for the first time ... YIKES!

Concert review and pictures behind the cut!

If you don't read the Carrie stuff you at least need to read about the Idina moment. 
When we were hanging arond the tour buses, we wer still inside to door of Copps at this point becuse it was SO cold. There were these 2 other girls standing in there. They asked us if we were waiting to see if those buses were Carrie's and we sarted talking and one girl was like "There's only 1 person who I think is better than Carrie and that is Idina Menzel!" I was in shock... what are the chances?! 
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09 February 2008 @ 02:07 pm
A Little Shameless self promotion, if you will.... 

I finally made a graphics community because my stuff is/was all over the place and my photobucket was getting messy...
So now everything is in one place... I went back and uploaded all my previous work to it last night/this morning..

Please go join! It's more than just icons... headers, banners, wallpapers etc....